This legendary bird remains a classic and, as illustr…. Innova Colossus – Champion. I may have to try one. Send a private message to jivey Players have asked for a forehand-specific appoach disc and the Rat is now here. Find all posts by battsypants.

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Overstable discs are great for throwing hyzer shots on dogleg left holes, long distance ‘S’ shots, overhand air shots or for holding a line into a headwind, understable for anhyzer shots on a dogleg right or for roller shots, and stable discs for navigating tight, straight fairways.

Innova Overstable Golf Discs

Innova Roc – Champion Luster – 30th Anniversary. Flight Paths Plastics Flight Characteristics Each of the above links will open in a new Tab and can stay open for reference while you shop.

I use the Nuke OS only for extreme forehand flex shots. Proline plastic is so nice too. Opposite for lefties, i.


gold I have never seen a straight nuke os though. Reminds me of older flat top champion monsters. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. If the total is 0, a disc is straight. I’m a die-hard flick forehander so that I can get a tad more distance out of it.

Innova Banshee – Champion. Head over to our wiki beginners section. You might see this one a rating of 0 stability on overstablee putter, a class of disc that tends to fly slow and straight.

Why do I have two Stilletos? Also on the market, does that mean stock recent release? Send a private message to battsypants. Innova Cro – R-Pro. Even in windy conditions, the Gator delivers pin-point accuracy for shorter overstablw and approach shots.

They gave the legendary Roc a low profile and hefty rim to create ex…. Those are some of the more overstable discs available on omst market in Glad it’s not just me! A hellfire didn’t fly much different than a champion firebird to me. Or is the difference arbitrary. Innova Banshee – DX.


The Innova Champion Colossus is an overstable max distance driver with predictable high speed turn and reliable fade. The newer ones don’t do the older ones justice: Oh my God it’s so overstable. We look forward to checking them out whenever they hit the disc golf scene. The Ape is great for powerful backhand and sidearm throws as well as a variet…. My blizzard max is the same way. Those will, generally speaking, have a very similar flight to a regular backhand.

The Most Overstable Distance Drivers () – Disc Golf Reviewer

It is the number…. Innova Destroyer – Champion Dyed. I have a couple faf firebirds, and those things are crazy os.