What must they do or how hard to they have to work to satisfy the critics? They made an effort to make amends and make things right with that mod and they didnt do so by simply releasing a patch a week later. And Petros is making up his usual bullshit stories of the manufacturer going broke and MMG buying out of the staff and opening an italian branch, and now the latest, his courior van got robbed at gun point. Business as usual then. But as an F1 mod its better.

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MMG SimRDisp7X – G25 Edition Photos

Its just a question now of it nmg will be allowed to. NO Nobody here has to understand what do u want… I read serious modder, ctdp here…ctdp there…Are u joking, man? As long as the display is plugged in, it will be working. That being the case, who is the worst party of the two? Cant argue with any of that erale. Thats their opinion and therefore a fact. MMG is not a group simdisp7x 1 or 2 people yet the entire group seeminly is judged on the personalities of a couple of people.

So does every other damn modding group out there, and they do it with much less unfulfilled hype, much better PR and, in some cases, a much better product than MMG.


For those of you really wanting to know, Yes Gjon has confirmed that these shots are indeed for rFactor 2. Its not just going to be for rFactor either remember.

That had to be deflating for the entire MMG group, no question. Time to look beyond siimrdisp7x. Out of the box, the display is compatible to rFactor and its coming successor. But as an F1 mod its better.

MMG had the ability to make theirs are comprehensive etc. We respect the criticism here, but are u making this? The public knew it and let them know quite harshly and MMG knew it. More On Your Favorite Sim: Some will hate on MMG forever, some will adopt a want and see attitude and some will judge them on what they produce. When the simulation is is not running, the display shows blank data.

But they are the leaders, and they are among the most active MMG posters in various sim racing forums. You also say MMG knew its initial F1 release was crap. You may also like. So either you love MMG or you hate them. This reputation though was borne from gossip, hatemongering and people generally being overdramatic and judgmental.

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MMG SimRDisp7X – G25 Edition Photos – – % Independent Sim Racing News

What would mgm a great addition to this would be some more buttons the old I wish there were more buttons on my G Get a life man, we have not all this free time like you…. All of my mods in this thread took about a combined 20 minutes to write. They have paid and are not getting it.

Who the hell does armed robberys on courior vans? But at the same time they are not being given a chance to try and redeem themselves. Phil and Yanden made breathless, repeated boasts about the quality of F1 before its release. As for HistorX, well name me a mod thats better?

Is not like a ps3 and x-box fight before they come out where you do can complain all you want since is your money that is going to be used.

Conclusion MMG has delivered an almost flawless product, the build quality is great and both display and software work like a charm without any problem.