MyPico2 is the latest and the smallest 2-port KVM switch ever developed. The new Eee PC offers you more options for your mobile computing needs. Enjoy accurate audio performance. It easily connects to the bottom of the notebook for quick change-outs while the contoured design raises the back of the PC to a comfortable typing angle. Keep everything in one durable case. USB bus power File System: Widens the stereo image dramatically, creating an immersive audio experience.

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Intel Core 2 Duo T 2. View movies and music videos on your TV. MyPico2 is the latest and the 2-port KVM switch ever developed. Protects and stores speakers, remote, and streamlined AC adapter. If you are uncertain about the monitor type, please consult the monitor user’s manual.

Batteries mgabook calibrated in ‘overnight’ mode taking a maximum of 12 hours. Enjoy your music longer with a hour rechargeable battery and a battery-level indicator, which eliminates surprises. Use a notebook for viewing multiple screens View charts and live data at the same time Entertainment: Keep it protected while you listen, so you can go from the basement to the backyard.

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Connecting the two cables from the MyPico2 to the keyboard, mouse and monitor ports of your computers is all it takes! This AC adapter is specifically designed to power a variety of machines megabopk Acer, Clevo, Compaq, Toshiba series laptop and notebook computers.


The TPM allows the F3Sg to run applications securely and to make transactions and communications more trustworthy.

You can easy to pause, fast-ward and play by Time-shifting while you are watching TV. The MyHopper consumes negligible power and is designed to run reliably without an external power adapter. Widens the stereo image dramatically, creating an immersive audio experience. Intel Core 2 Duo 1. Enjoy full, balanced quality in a compact design. Stay connected with Wireless Freedom Responding to the emerging demands of notebook users who have a number of simultaneously working Bluetooth peripherals on their system, including mice, keyboards, headsets, and mobile phones, the F3L notebooks, with the built-in BluetoothR V2.

Type documents on one screen while viewing reference material on the other Wall Street: Go lower with deep bass response. Enjoy accurate audio performance. A control panel next to each battery pack slot indicates battery pack status and allows you to select whether you want to meagbook or calibrate the battery pack. Computers ConnectionMyHopper comes with complete cable sets facilitating computer connection.

Simply plug in the provided USB cable to transport audio and digital track information from your computer to the speakers. A U3 smart drive can be used in any Windows or XP PC with a USB slot, and once configured to suit a user’s preferences, delivers the user’s familiar computing environment and support for such applications as e-mail and web surfing, s721x access to files stored both on the host PC and on the smart drive. Connect up to 63 devices Two external 6 pin ports 3.


AC or Battery Power: Maximize bass response while minimizing distortion. You can even slip in an iPod nano. Easily connects laptop PCs to consumer electronics with interface or other compatible devices. The new Memory Stick PRO Duo range is compatible with MagicGate copyright protection technology and has the high capacities and greater durability of all the PRO megqbook at a price designed for the most budget conscious consumer.

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Do multiple screen displays and presentations without bringing another computer Graphics workstation: The simple, refined design and all-aluminum case make it sleek, sturdy and lightweight. For easy back-up laptop drive. Sit back and relax.