Well I recommended people to stay away from using this G board with the MVP3 chipset because most of those boards have the problem that I stated. There is a work-around for this but it did not make my system stable. Retrieved from ” https: This technique has some caveats though, such as incompatibility with stencil buffering, and so was not further developed. Performance of this card is slightly above the G and G Matrox “HF” drivers have a rich interface that require Microsoft.

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Extremely useful for more professional work.

Matrox Graphics – Support – Latest Matrox drivers for legacy products

If this is the case, you can upgrade the G to include hardware DVD or include the Rainbow-Runner-G series to gain TV and video capture cum editing facilities that are very good. It is to be used with the Kodak Colorific Reference Card.

Matrox Millennium G – Date: However, apart from higher resolutions, upgrading memory did not make much difference.

mmatrox Back To Video Cards Reviews. The 3D Features are: There were also some problems with mip-mapping causing flickering in textures. Keng Leong – “Hi!


Z-fighting may also be a problem and enabling bit z-buffer can help this. Overall, Matrox Mystique is a good choice for 2D graphics alongside 3dfx Voodoo.

There is a work-around for your ALI-5 board at http: Use dmy dates from January All articles with unsourced statements Articles with unsourced statements from December I’ve been using this card for the past few days g2000 I really enjoys the performance.

This was only used for the Headcasting software. There is a work-around for this but it did not make my system stable.

HP Matrox Millenium G200 (AGP 2x, 8MB)

To be safe, you can have a slot-fan next to the G Power Consumption 4 Watts. It’s essentially combining 2 buses which are bit wide each, but each bus transfers data in the opposite direction, e.

In cases where “available with OS” is stated, the operating system will install a Matrox driver that will give you basic 2D and 3D functionality, where this driver is supported by Microsoft. It typically comes with 8MB RAM and is capable of rendering at any resolution that can fit within that.

There is also a G chip which was OEM-only. AroundMatrox introduced a newer version of G, called GA. This hurt G’s performance dramatically in these games and caused a lot of controversy over continuing delays and promises from Matrox.


You can’t even see the wind on the Riva boards! That small difference could be quite important to some.

This Product is provided courtesy of. However, it was not far behind and was certainly competitive. The 3D acceleration appears to be identical with even the same bugs.

Installation is similar to most Video cards. Installation of the card is a no-brainer.

Matrox G200 graphics card – MGA G200 – 8 MB

Here are the minor bad-points: Matrox stepped forward in with their Impression Plus to innovate with 2g00 of the first 3D accelerator boards, but that card only could accelerate a very limited feature set no texture mappingand was primarily targeted at CAD applications.

Early drivers had some problems with Mattox as well. Hope it ships with DX6 soon! Mystique was oriented on mid-end consummer and business market, offering excellent 2D performance, traditional for Matrox.