Calling xrandr tells me the same:. Adding undetected resolutions Due to buggy hardware or drivers, your monitor’s correct resolutions may not always be detected. Because the new gdm was introduced fairly late in our release cycle, our testing only discovered the bug shortly before release, so we decided to handle it as a post-release update. Using the VESA driver, it’s running stable, but I can’t switch to any higher resolution than x Some source say that monitors.

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At least, this is our theory.

If you did not get output, then your chip is not currently supported by any driver. November 3rd, 2.

graphics – Force VESA driver in Ubuntu – Ask Ubuntu

OrkanSpec rorce wrote on I agree that this it is very important that this bug gets fixed very soon, and hopefully that it’ll be fixed on the 6. This will tell X to load the driver anyway. Don Kirkby 10 Paolo 4 15 I just had a similar problem and followed these instructions to use xrandr.

Org Video Driver, version tto However, currently I know that this is not the reason for the restriction, because modes highter than x are not checked at all. Swapping drive between system with -nvidia and non-nvidia causes breakage After enabling -nvidia on one system, it puts in the nvidia libGL.


No assignee Edit question Solved by: A fix for this Jockey issue is uploaded to karmic-proposed now and will be released after gaining sufficient testing. X is falling back to vesa or fbdev In some cases, X will fail to boot with the correct driver, and try ubintu with a different driver, like vesa.

Using hsync range of Also, I read somewhere that Ubuntu 9.

Contents How It Works Problem: However, it came to our attention that some nvidia users experienced a problem during upgrades to Karmic where X fails to fotce and instead flashes a black screen continuously rather than going into the low graphics failsafe mode; this problem is now solved. See bug for tracking this problem.

First, it occurs fairly late in the startup process, so you’ll see some resolution resizing during the initial screen draw; in some cases panel windows may resize improperly as a result. If you can add and apply the desired undetected resolution s dinamically with cvt and xrandr, but you get an error after applying static changes to xorg.

Use your favorite text editor as root: By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service. More duplicate reports keep vrsa in. Internal Error, No file name for libgl1-mesa-glx”: I always get to chose between x and x in Gnome.

Intel graphics driver fails to load, falls back to vesa.

Tormod Volden tormodvolden wrote on You need make sure your screen size fall into the maximum framebuffer, otherwise you should increase the value in xorg.


You can decrease the maximum with ‘–fb’ option but can not increase it.

I had luck appending a kernel parameter at boot: You can also try a newer version of the video driver by installing from upstream git. Judging the number of bug duplicate bug reports that have been trickling in so, you ubuntk lose a big number of new users because of this bug unless you act quickly and escalate this problem.

The are for comments just like you do with shell scripts. Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. However, there are certain situations where errors can happen. I’ve got a Dell Precision M70 Laptop with a broken graphics card, that is, some section of the video Ram is broken.