This value is maintained since the Tape Hardware Interface driver was loaded. This is the model name of the tape library. While reading the data from the board, memory parity errors have occurred. Please ask the forum! View the Array Accelerator Board Error Code object to determine why the write cache operations have been temporarily disabled. The Minor Revision level.

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The library hot swap status can be in one of the following states: This shows the fault tolerance mode of the logical drive. This shows the amount of memory allocated for the read cache in megabytes. Bad Mirror Data 8 Indicates that write cache operations have been permanently fibrf.


To see how many sectors were originally available for use in the reallocation area, refer to the factory reallocation information if it exists. This error could be caused because the physical drive has failed to spin.

I am getting this error in the event log. Not Available 13 Indicates that the logical drive is currently unavailable.

fcinfo hba-port and luxadm probe not finding FC adapter

The type hga controller card. If the value cannot be determined, 4,, is returned. The Array Accelerator board stores mirror copies of all data. External Array Logical Drive Entry. For instance, if you wanted to calculate the average number of writes per hour of operation, divide this number by the reference hours.


Loop failure – Hewlett Packard Enterprise Community

As cars are tested to go from 0 mph to 60 mph in x number of seconds, drive manufacturers have preset expectations for the time it takes the drive to spin to full speed. This value matches the bay location where the physical drive has been installed.

External Tape Drive Scsi Lun. External Array Controller Redundancy Error. Logical Drive Fault Tolerance. This shows the host controller firmware version number. Invalid 2 Indicates that an Array Accelerator board has not been installed in this system or is present but not configured.

This is the 22x number assigned to the physical drive. Assuming the capacity of 2 drives is used for parity data, this allows continued operation despite simultaneous failure of any 2 drives in the array, whereas RAID 4 and RAID 5 can only sustain failure of a single drive.

The library redundancy can be in one of the following states: Recovering 5 Indicates that the logical drive is using Interim Recovery Mode.

The phyDrvHSeeks and the phyDrvSeeks together shows the total number of seek operations performed by the physical disk drive during the reference hours phyDrvRefHours. For duplexed controllers, this is the controllers current role. Rerun the configuration utility and ensurethat the board has been properly configured for this system. Fibre Channel Tape Controller Model.


What is the status of the controller any errors on the controller?? Setting the poll frequency to zero 0 will always fail, an agent may also choose to fail any request to change the poll frequency to a value that would severely impact system channek. A table of snapshot entries.

Unconfigured 4 Indicates that the logical drive is not configured. This index maps the spare to the fubre drive it represents. The data contained on the failed physical drive must be reconstructed from the fault tolerance data and copied to the spare so that the spare can function in place of the failed drive. No user action is necessary. If the drive is not failed, 0 is returned.