The resolution is adjustable between and dpi dots per inch. Be aware, though, that the company that produces Nero has been very vigilant against piracy in the past, so an older version that you find online, even from a legitimate site like oldversion. As you can see, the information that will be printed on the disc appears in the boxes on the right side. Archived from the original on LabelFlash does have one unusual advantage over LightScribe , and I’ll get to that in a bit. DiscT 2 had been developed and released by Yamaha in , but unlike LightScribe technology, DiscT 2 only allowed people to burn a design to the unused part of the data side of a disc. LabelFlash turns the blue area of the disc clear when the laser works on it, which makes the disc label very readable.

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Now LightScribe and Labelflash have been competing with each other to gain recognition as the sole leader in direct disc labeling technology.

Start LabelFlash Index Maker. Labeling a disc using Labelflash technology can only be done with a special Labelflash compatible disc drive and discs that have a special dye similar to that of LightScribe media.

Views Read Edit View history. Labelflash sometimes written LabelFlash is a technology which allows users to burn dbd designs or images onto proprietary DVD media first announced in October as a collaboration between Yamaha and Fujifilm.

I don’t know whether it was something peculiar to my computer or not, but the only way I could get easy access to the software was to locate it with Windows Explorerright-click on LIM. If you have tried labelflas out and have information to share I would love to hear it!


LightScribe vs. Labelflash: A Disc Labeling Cold War

I happen to have a LabelFlash drive and I was able to use this technology a couple of times. Hewlett-Packard discontinued support of LightScribe technology in Om de labels te kunnen ontwerpen is speciale software nodig, al ondersteunt Nero vanaf versie 0. In our previous disc-labeling tutorial, Ciprian mentioned the two types of label-burning technologies: I chose the Cinema template.

However, direct disc labeling technology also presents problems of its own that have yet to be solved.

Disc Cover — LightScribe VS. Labelflash: A Disc Labeling Cold War

The free software is of depressingly low quality, and there is usually no way of telling whether any current commercial package will burn LabelFlash discs just by reading the description of the product. In contrast labrlflash its predecessor, Labelflash technology allows you to burn images and text to both the label and data sides of a disc.

Labelflash drives and media can be hard to come by in the United States, where as it is quite popular in Europe and Asia, though rumor has it that soon Labelflash will be more widely available in the United States. I’d err on the side of caution and finalize, since I do not know whether new data will labellflash to a burned label. The LabelFlash was a nice added feature, I thought, but I didn’t plan on using it much—and I haven’t.

LabelFlash does have one unusual advantage over LightScribeand I’ll get to that in a bit. Labelflash compatible optical disc drives internal and external are available labelflahs manufacturers such as Sony Optiarc, Teac, Quanta Storage, and Pioneer. Both technologies offer the world something that is both innovative and fascinating and has helped to solve some of the problems that computer users face every time they burn music discs, backup archives, and more.


Here’s what I found out. Weergaven Lezen Bewerken Geschiedenis.

LabelFlash – Wikipedia

If you are going to put the contents of data discs on your labels I would suggest choosing Arial Narrowwhich will give you a little more room to write. LabelFlash discs are not widely available labelflqsh they are more expensive than the LightScribe discs not for sale in stores here as far as I can tell so I have been ordering them from Amazon. The result is a silvery, monochrome image with up to different shades and dpi resolution.

Here is a good DVD pack I found: I was also curious to find out why LightScribe is so much more popular. Here is the official LabelFlash web site’s list of suppliers.

labelflash dvd burner

Therefore, the actual image cannot be touched directly. Production of Labelflash media was halted on December 22, And here is the finished disc. The first thing you may find is that lxbelflash software doesn’t turn up in the Start Menu search box. I had to select it, replace it with a space, and then backspace to delete the space.

Here, I have selected Verdana and have edited the information that will be burned to the disc.