Additionally, the focusing knob is made of cheap plastic and does not function as well as some would like. Built-in top lighting gives modelling, bottom light gives good background. Click each bee leg image to view video capture master. For the youngster expressing a particular interest in prepared slides and higher mags, a student compound optical microscope which sell in a similar price range would offer superior results. Thanks also to Digital Blue’s Customer Service Department who were very helpful with queries regarding the still image capture size and the ‘sample measurement tool’. Mac users can download free software to use this product.

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The author sat the microscope on a small ‘cold’ microsdope box used for viewing 35mm slides and this offered a very even white light and bright enough to be used up digial x shown right. The bottom cowling of the main unit extends beyond the optics so working distance for manipulation is quite small.

It is a toy of course, so the limitations of its lighting and lenses are seen when fine detail needs to be captured e. Hi Corafe, What windows are you installing it on?

Digital Blue has a reputation of creating products that capture the imaginations of children and teens, introducing them to fun and exciting worlds like microscopy.

The image functions cannot operate independent of the computer, as it is powered through the USB port. The Digital Blue QX5 microscope brings the microscopic world alive on the computer.


The bottom light isn’t strong enough at x for best results but a modification can significantly improve them. Type ‘QX3’ into search dgital. The latest Digital Blue microscope, the QX5, merges the microscopic and digital worlds into one complete unit.

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Digital Blue Microscope – The QX5 and the QX3 from Intel

The field of view of the QX5 0. Digital Blue has and continues to ear the respect micrlscope approval of parents, with an educational affordable product line.

Supplementing the lighting drops the noise but subjects with fine detail aren’t ideal for it. Trial at improving the QX5 bottom lighting: This product line continues under the Digital Blue name, well know for their innovation.

The software also controls the light source automatically, resulting in the automatic color balance sometimes bleaching images out by making them too light. In addition, members of the private sector found ways to modify the QX3 into a vlue device. If you find ways to do it, will you let me know, please. The x power is difficult to use when the microscope is on the stand.

Digital Blue QX5 – microscope

This model has taken the innovations of its predecessor to a new level, while maintaining affordability. The video is saved in avi format at 15 fps using Indeo 5. In addition, MAC users can download a free software miicroscope from recommended websites. Purchasable as a book or the first edition 36 pages can be freely downloaded in pdf format.


One of Molecular Expression’s design improvements to the bottom light did suggest a simple two lens Abbe condenser micriscope prompted the author to try a LOMO Abbe condenser which sits neatly in the underside of the stage with elastic band to secure, but for the most part, for practicality the author just used the light box.

I would normally have bits and bobs on tripods, homemade gizmos dangling on the end of microscopes etc. Images can be imported into the QX5 software to use the effects if desired. It works better in the hand-held mode.

Built-in top lighting gives modelling, bottom light gives good background. Figital supported with third party student and teacher resources written for the QX3. This works great for classroom environments where multiple viewers can see the image at the same time. Pair of third legs of honey bee Apisprepared NBS slide at 10x, with detail at 60x and x.

Digital Blue QX5(tm) Microscope – Free download and software reviews – CNET

Users report that the problem seems more pronounced with yellow colors, although it does not occur with the video-imaging feature. Alternative budget digital imaging routes for the enthusiast: Santonin crystals, prepared slide, NBS. Perhaps you’ve heard of the popular Intel Play QX3 microscope?