A PCO operator cannot charge Rs 2 for a local call. Mukherjee and Habibur Rahman Ranjan Das: I’d love to hear your opinion. Please enable it for better performance of ETTelecom. My Land line Number:

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My internet plan is: I am hereby requesting you to kindly take necessary step for immediate restoration of service. Waiting for your cooperation I have already booked a lots of complaints in this regard from feb to may.

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I am using Telwphones Broadband connection, calxutta since one month i am not able to access the internet at home. Check the cables between your modem, splitter and modem and look for any connectivity problems in your telephone line. Broand Band My Broad band connection is down for last 4 months.

If you still face problems please inform me. Fradulent bills Dear Sir, My Broadband connection, bearing no. She does not discuss any subject. Just keep in mind that this value should have ZERO or the lowest value possible. I cakcutta my best to contact and pursue the Harinavi Exchange to do the needfulsuch that I may use my lap top from my other room but of no avail.


If you choose to ignore this message, we’ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on ET Telecom. Totally 24 days out in October, Please ensure quick response and early restoration of the line.

Balakrishnan Prabhu is the founder of Corpocrat magazine. What is the actual rate? Cancelling the connection, the line will be almost dead 5 days in a week and every week end i have raise the complaint and get it resolved.

So i would request you to take my problem as a concern and do the needful as soon as possible. Non functioning of Broadband Sub: The Docket Number is: To interpret more parameters and their values, you can refer to this useful link. This parameter shows how much the loss of signal over distance and its value should be lowest as possible. From the day of the installation I have been facing problems in connecting to the Internet. Broadband Line broadbaand Ph. I control my words here….

Regret to state that till the sending this message no one has visited my house and repaired the same.

FTTH: BSNL launches FTTH broadband plans to take on competition, Telecom News, ET Telecom

Just follow the steps and i have made it such telephomes way that is easy to understand…. First of all first call got disconnected without talking. In today’s world we can’t think of a moment without net connection as most of the daily activities are carried out online – in such a scenarioin last 3 monthI am hardly getting the minimum services whereas I am paying the full payment.


Surrendered my connection in March and still waiting for the deposit back. I was literally running from Pillar to Post for these despite having surrendered one as long telepjones as ! Thanking you in anticipation of your prompt action in this regard.

Lastly i surrendered my money also with the words…. Ordinary telephone line phone does not have any idea about BB connection,moreover they are often spoiling working land line. Why they are still Consumer complaints and reviews about calcutta telephones broadband.