But if it’s newer hardware, it may be called something different. Originally Posted by jayd It may give you a clue of how to get it going. If so, is the wireless detected there? Find the answer to your Linux question: I haven’t been able to identify what wireless card i have. Perhaps as a dual-boot?

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Asus A9T laptop video card drivers

All of this is dependant on the fact that the wireless chip is functional. To install your Asus A Series A9T laptop key on your keyboard, start out by observing your metal hooks on your keyboard. The owner has minimal computer knowledge, i saw there qsus drivers for winxp on the official site at asus.

All times are GMT. The smooth part faces away from the keyboard. Observe the metal hooks on your keyboard.

Laptop ASUS A9T

Do you have a broken individual Asus laptop Key? Mainly, look to post 4. Mint is the only operating system right now. Get a thin object or blade and stretch the plastic pieces so that it clicks together. Insert the bars on either side into the metal hooks.


I’m not seeing one labeled as such. Originally Posted by jayd Meanwhile i will search for the wifi chipset. Take the smaller plastic retainer clips and observe that it has two square sticks at the right top and bottom corners, two sticks at the middle and a bar at the left. On the official page at ASUS it says my laptop should have one.

Is this a USB adapter? Take your key cap and place it in the middle of your retainer clips. I see a NIC, a firewire device and a modem.

I found this thread on the Arch wiki. Please keep it on the public boards. Place the smaller retainer clip on the larger plastic clip and insert its sticks into the holes of larger piece. Do you have another OS installed?

It may give you a clue of how to get it going. You can simply replace the single keyboard key that is broken. Find the answer to your Linux question: You dont have to replace the entire keyboard.


Now your laptop key retainer clips should be one piece. The position of the metal hooks determines the position of plastic pieces.

ASUS A9T, chipset (SiS ) videochipset exiled under Window – GhostBSD Forums

Asus are mentioning WLg on their site asus. Push it evenly to insert completely. The smooth part of the retainer clip hinges always faces away from the keyboard.

If so, is the wireless detected there? Not a member yet? The larger metal hooks can be at the top, bottom, right or left side. Take the larger laptop key retainer clips and observe them closely.