Elle presente des risques d’incendie, d’explosion ou de brulures graves. Expansion Bays Total Qty. L’impiego di una batteria non adatta potrebbe determinare I’incendio o I’esplosione della batteria stessa. If the internal keyboard does not work or an unexpected character appears, make sure that the flexible cable extending from the keyboard is correctly seated in the con- nector. If the reinstalled Battery ASM is not charged, go to the next section.

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Para evitar descargas, no quite la cubierta de plastico que rodea la parte baja de la tarjeta invertida. Obtenga atencion medica si se presenta algun sintoma del fluido despues de lavarse. The manual is divided into sections as follows: Min 0 Max 63 ; Voice 1: Then remove the 4 screws from the base cover. Press Enter to enable the highlighted option.

Remove the external keyboard if the internal key- board is to be tested.

Replace audo system board. Lift the inverter board away from the display panel. Une batterie ou une pile inappropriee risque de prendre feu ou d’exploser. La batterie contient du nickel.


Linux sound drivers for the ThinkPad 390E

Afin d’eviter tout risque de choc electrique, ne retirez pas le cache en plastique protegeant la partie inferieure de la carte d’alimentation. If the system fails after you make changes in the Setup menus, reset the computer, enter Setup and install Setup defaults or correct the error.

Power on the computer. If any problems are found, replace the FRU. There must be a complete circuit to cause electrical shock.

Sie durfen nicht zerlegt, wiederaufgeladen, kurzgeschlossen, oder Feuer oder Wasser ausgesetzt werden. If an error occurs with the internal diskette drive, reseat the connector on the system board.

Elle presente des risques d’incendie, d’explosion ou de brulures graves.

IBM ThinkPad 390E 2626 – 14.1″ – PII – Win98 – 64 MB RAM – 6.4 GB HDD Series

Si le panneau d’affichage a cristaux liquides se brise et que vous recevez dans les yeux ou sur les mains une partie du fluide, rincez-les abondamment pendant au moins quinze minutes. Use your thumb first to pull out the backup battery RTC.


Remove the mylar from the fan ASM. Replace any safety device that is worn or defective. Check for any obvious non-IBM alterations.

Linux sound drivers for ThinkPad E

The Fn key works independently of the operating system. The Canadian BBS phone numbers are: Disconnect the power cord. In hibernation mode, the following occurs: Seek medical care if any symptoms from the fluid are present after washing.

Prima di rimuovere qualsiasi FRU, spegnere il sistema, scollegare dalle prese elettriche tutti i cavi di alimentazione, rimuovere la batteria e poi scollegare i cavi di interconnessione. All alphabetic characters A-Z are entered in capital 3900e without the Shift key being pressed.

In suspend mode, the following occurs: ALSA details The 0. Per evitare scosse elettriche, non rimuovere la copertura in plastica che avvolge la parte inferiore della scheda auudio. Laser radiation when open.